French singer-songwriter Emilie Moutet, formerly known as Willows, released her debut EP 'Pancakes' in 2018. Her influences include notable songwriters like Tori Amos, Regina Spektor, Sufjan Stevens, and Patrick Watson. These inspirations complement her melancholic voice, which is often compared to that of Joan Baez.
Emilie Moutet's first album, 'Happy End of the World,' was released in 2023 under the label Chose Fabuleuse.

Jaquette de l'album Happy End of the World, portrait d'Emilie Moutet


Happy End of the World is Emilie Moutet's first studio album, after a first EP in 2018, Pancakes, partially recorded at Mark Daumail's (Cocoon). Produced with Paul Magne, their intent was to respect the '00s inspirations from songs that were for the most part written decades ago, following the steps of Tori Amos which was a main influence at that time, while incorporating most recent musical references as Patrick Watson's, Ásgeir's or Regina Spektor's to name a few. Denying today's attention economy guidelines, patient listeners will be rewarded with multi-dimensional bridges where they'll discover new things hidden in the background long after the first listen. Inspirational by design (One Life, This Is Your Sign), it's the guide Emilie had to write for herself in order to overcome adversity, that she's decided to share in the form of a cuddle or the wake-up call only a true friend would give.




LABEL - Chose Fabuleuse

BOOKING - Mat Girard
+336 43 26 00 87

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